3D Cinema for New World Development now completed

September 30,2014

23 Magic has successfully completed the cinema Audio-visual design and system integration works of the 3D cinema,serving exclusive VIP guests at the clubhouse of a 5-star residential mixed-used project located in FoShan, China. Developed by Hong Kong re-owned developer, New World Properties, the 20-seat cinema aims to allow guests enjoy a higher level of privacy and space luxury, with state-of-the-art cinema fit out, advanced acoustics protection, and audio-visual design alongside with 3D projections.

New-In: DJI RONIN, available for pre-order

July 22,2014

23 Magic, Hong Kong, is now the official dealer for
DJI Ronin 3-Axis
Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer
DJI Ronin 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer sales package included

Putting world-class technology into your hands, 23 MAGIC proudly announces the new addition to our production collection, DJI Ronin Handheld Gimbal System. Our first group of stock product is expected to arrive in one week, and we are excited to take pre-orders now, starting at HK$23,999.00.

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Volfoni's EDGE VR glasses for Virtual Reality and Simulation

June 12,2014

EDGE VR are active 3D glasses that use either ratio frequency or infra-red (IR) technology for Virtual Reality, providing unbeatable luminosity and natural colors. With its programmable settings and a head-tracking system, Volfoni provides an essential tool for your simulation works.

The product also features a more stylish ergonomic design, with 3 available sizes of removable arms, and rubber nosepiece for universal comfort. The Battery monitoring system as well as a usb rechargeable is very convenient for high volume use.

HBO's Hit 'Game of Thrones' crew take Freefly Systems MoVI M10 and RED Dragon to Iceland

May 30,2014

Here is a nice article by HDVideoPro on the use of RED Carbon Fiber Dragon to the extreme landscapes in Icelands on location for the filming. For more information, feel free to click on the link below.

Red Dragon to be a Live 4K Studio Camera. NAB 2014

May 14,2014

Red is going to enter the broadcast world this Autumn with the Red 4K Broadcast Module, at approx Hong Kong $69000. The RED 4K BROADCAST MODULE unit will add an uncompressed YCbCr 4:2:2 video feed to the Red Dragon, getting 4K out from the back of the camera at up to 60fps via quad 3G-SDI connectivity, with timecode and genlock.

Post NAB 2014 news with RED® 4K Broadcast Module mentioned, she would allow live 4K streaming, enabling you to capture and view action in real-time. Compatible with both EPIC DRAGON and SCARLET DRAGON cameras, the RED 4K Broadcast Module uses four 3G-SDI output connections to broadcast 4K video at up to 60 frames per second. during NAB, the RED system is connected to a studio switcher for UHDTV live mix.

More interesting reading on Red Digital Cinema: www.red.com

Sign up for REDucation 2014 in Singapore, 3 days JUNE 21st to 23rd 2014

May 12,2014

RED Digital Cinema is taking the next step in the evolution of our various education efforts with REDucation.
The goal of this effort is fully immersive, hands-on, practical training and teaching of the EPIC (MYSTERIUM-X and DRAGON) and SCARLET camera systems for both on set practices and post production practices.

This is real-world training – taught by working professionals, for working professionals and those looking to work in the field of Digital Cinematography and Ultra High Resolution Post Production. In Los Angeles, the 3-day REDucation class is followed by an additional 2-day special track class to encompass a full week of RED training, all with your focus in mind.

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TED retires from RED, joins Barco and presents secret project ESCAPE

Mar 26,2014

FILMART is here!

Mar 11,2014

While we have been working hard to prepare our upcoming show, we would be happy to extend our invitation to our other booths, under Digital Magic Group.
Last but not least, our free One-on-one consultation with our product engineer is now upgraded to 30mins! contact 23@23magic.com.hk to set up an appointment.

RATED 100 pts on Dragon Sensors

Mar 10,2014

DXO, a french laboratory ran a recent test on the Dragon Sensor. They are intrigued by the performance of it, claiming this may be the best team in the wold to made the world's best cameras.

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More Tilta Accessories are available for your favorite cameras

Mar 08,2014

Come visit us at our store or at our Filmart booth 1A-F25 for a look!

For Schedules and Appointments, please contact tacita@23magic.com.hk at +852 2570-9016 for more details.

Coming to Filmart 2014

Mar 06,2014

Hi everyone, our team is now getting ready for this year's Filmart. Here's the sneak peek:

1) Schedule a free 20 min consultation with our product engineer, David Ng. If you are interested, feel free to email us at tacita@23magic.com.hk. For any of you who is made an appointment with us, we can offer you a free day pass (limited seats only).

2) If you are interested in digital cinema, come join us at the 4K Movie Power series. From March 22 to 25, 23 Magic will be supporting a series of international workshops and seminars, to introduce the upcoming movements in the world of 4K. Contact kristy@digitalmagic.com.hk, and we will send you information for RSVP.

Digital Magic receives I3D award in Seoul, Korea

Dec 18,2013

The International 3D Festival 2013 opened Friday in Coex, southern Seoul. Held annually by the South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, the event has gathered industry insiders from the U.S., China, France, and Japan to discuss recent trends in 3D and VFX. Digital Magic is honored to receive the best foreign 3D production award, from movie, "GIVE ME FIVE", shot in RED Epic and our HoPE-X 3D Stereo System.


Dec 9,2013

From now on, for any 'RED Epic-X Camera' or 'SCARLET UPGRADE-to EPIC-X' purchase:
1) If the total order exceeds HK$235,000 or above, a HK$12,000 RED accessories credit will be offered for any future purchases
2) If the total order exceeds HK$380,000 or above, a HK$12,000 of RED accessory credit will be offered for any future purchases, the camera will also come with a free RED Armor & a free RED Rocket
The above offer cannot be applied in conjunction with other discounts

Wooden Camera introduces the C-Box

Dec 2,2013

The recent introduction of the C-Box, is a 1 input, 4 output HD-SDI distribution amplifier. Each output is independently reclocked and carries the same signal strength as the original. LED indicators are located on the operator’s side to show the status of power and signal.

The C-Box can accept 8-20-Volt DC and is available in three configurations:

1) C-Box (D-Tap) attaches between a mounting plate and Gold Mount or VMount battery plate, and draws power from a D-Tap plug
2) C-Box (V-Mount) attaches between a V-Mount and battery, power is taken internally,and Red data protocol — if present — is passed through to camera
3) C-Box (Gold Mount) attaches between a Gold Mount and battery, and power is taken internally.
For additional information, contact us at info@23magic.com.hk

HoPE Xx 3D stereo beam-splitter rig

Oct 17,2013

Latest HoPE Xx 3D stereo beam-splitter rig now do native 3D filming in Japan.
With RED Epic X cameras, Zeiss Ultra Prime lens, CMotion camera controls and TransVideo 3D monitor.
The HoPE Xx being our latest modification allows more versatile operations, camera rig could turn upset down either ways without modifcation to fit Up/through 3D or Down/trhrough 3D configurations.
Good for on-set, or for on loaction works. Well tested for handle held and Easy Rig operations.W
Now working is the new metal finsihing as add-on design, for to completed the project as HoPE XX.
see you

RED's study and answer to Global & Rolling Shutters.

Sept 27,2013

"A camera’s shutter determines how and when light gets recorded during an exposure. In this article, we’ll explore the various shutter mechanisms that have been implemented, ranging from early film to recent digital cameras
BACKGROUND: With film, the shutter is simply a spinning disc between the rear of a lens and the film strip. It has an opening that lets in light once per revolution for each exposure. When the light is obstructed, the film advances to the next frame and the process repeats. For these reasons it’s also often referred to as a mechanical or a rotary shutter."


"COMPLICATIONS & DISCUSSION: Modern shutter mechanisms are becoming increasingly diverse. They can be mechanical using a rotary shutter, sensor-based using the native read-out timing, or even a hybrid where both mechanisms are utilized. More recently, they can also be global using an electronic shutter that controls light uniformly. The key is being able to identify when each type is being used, and how these might influence the resulting imagery.
Ultimately, each shutter type is just a different way to record motion, similar to how different shutter angles have various applications. The optimal solution is having a shutter than can adapt to the various subject and style possibilities. For the vast majority of scenes, a fast rolling shutter is well-suited since this has been the standard for over a century. However, with select specialized applications, sometimes a global shutter can be helpful. In that case, the RED MOTION MOUNT is one possible solution.
Also for Part 2 of this tutorial: Soft Global Shutters & Temporal Aliasing.
For a background on traditional ways to control motion, see Shutter Angles & Creative Control.
To minimize artifacts under artificial lighting, also see the tutorial on Flicker-Free Video"

An interesting video to demostrate Still photographer's porfessional use of RED Epic camera in their Fashion works

Sept 27,2013

For Still Photo application, 23 Magic is working with Shiriro in Hong Kong for solutions contact kristy@23magic.com.hk for your needs

BiRTV 2013 Hot news

Aug 24,2013

RED Epic Dragon 6K, and 16 stops of dynamic range
Upgrade your RED camera to Dragon will start soon


Taming of the Dragon, anamorphic wide screen filming


The Chinese version of RED survival guide A RED official book since NAB 2013 showing the RED camera configurations, functions, and technology a guide to cost and the built of your RED centric gear. Please contact tacita@23magic.com.hk. to register for your copy

More with the BiRTV 2103 show floor, and the 23 Magic team


Volfoni introduces new SmartCrystal™ Cinema Dual at CineEurope 2013

July 21,2013

Volfoni is proud to launch a new passive 3D solution: SmartCrystal™ Cinema Dual. This polarized filter is used for double projection, and is the ideal solution for maintaining bright 3D images on very large screens. The product will be available in two models: automatic and manual. SmartCrystal™ Cinema Horizontal, the passive 3D polarization modulator which was launched by Volfoni at CinemaCon in March 2013. This version of SmartCrystal™ Cinema joins the already existing Vertical model, which has been adopted by cinema exhibitors around the world. Volfoni's passive 3D theater systems use proprietary “Surface-Switching” technology (cost-effective for lamp usage), and have 3D image quality approved by the major Hollywood studios.

Apartment 1303-3D: Immersive environment when shot in stereo 3D

June 2013
Here is a press coverage on our work in Apartment 1303-3D. While most shots are tablished within the context of this conventional apartment in detroit, the use of 3D stereo shooting helps director Michael Taverna to let our audiences experience the very spooky side of it. 

'As for the use of 3D during the film proper, it’s most impressive during the scenes set in the apartment itself. It helps to form an idea of the physical space, and emphasises the suspense of not knowing what lurks just around the corner.'
~ Telly Tech Blog

A great showcase of "Shot on RED" Movie making to her best the RED reel NAB 3103  

More choose with lens to meet your RED cameras' production needs Addition to the line of RED Pro Prime and Pro Zoom lens 23 Magic is the reseller of Zeiss CPII, Canon Cine lens, Schneider Optics and Angenieux zoom lens


For those of you who have just missed out on our reducation event in Hong Kong, here's a sneak peek. From students or still photographers to real world professionals, not one person left the course without having learnt something - including the RED team!

Say 'RED'!

A big applause to all of you who attended REDUCATION 2012.  You are now becoming an expert in the camera, and we hope this course have given you a full understanding on the full RED workflow.  Can't wait to get the RED camera and start shooting!

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