Mistika VR, the best post software in the class,
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See what our VR specialist A thinks, in 10 points to tell how the Mistika VR software helps.. vs other existed..
1. Rig preset for most VR camera
2. Stitching corrections according to the camera lens and cmos
3. Supported audio sync
4. Color matching of each cameras
5. Supported optical flow stitching
6. Add and adjust edge points individually of each cameras
7. 3D optical flow stitching Supported
8. 3D Anaglyph view mode allow you to real-time preview the 3D stereoscopic result and simultaneously do the adjustment
9. Supported batch rendering
10. Fast rendering time in affordable hardware specification

Sample of Mistaka VR works
1. Nokia OZO+ VR

2. Nokia OZO+ VR

3. Kandao 8K VR

Additional VR specialist B’s 10 points, to tell how the Mistika VR software is a better choose..
1) Faster Rendering time for export prepare with the other stitch software
2) Orientation adjustment for viewing
3) Cameras angles alignment for each cameras
4) Edge points support for each cameras
5) Most commonly VR cameras rig preset had prepared
6) Color match for cameras
7) 3D Anaglyph for real-time 3D stereoscopic view for user adjustment
8) Import PNG file like as logo easy to coverage of tripod
9)Support many file formats export, DPX, TIFF, PNG,  YUV, RGB, MP4, H264, ProRes444, ProResHQ, etc…
10) Support very high resolution include of 16K, 60fps

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Tel: +852 2571 5432

Tel: +852 2571 5432