3D Led Wall CCDL

China 3D Stereo LED wall from CCDL, 1st practical ED display with 3D passive glasses viewing, for large screen venue display and stage backdrop. Cinema version shall come soon. For services, please contact percy@23magic.com.hk


1st 3D Stereo stage backdrop application to live show, with Dennis Law’s 3D Terra-Cotta Warriors Opera.

Experience the Arrows flying out from the screen towards audience…



Low cost Junior CCDL 3D stereo LED screen model, screen for Institutions, Schools, and Public communications.



International market and supports



Advanced use in CAVE design, replacing the traditional projection system, to reduce CAVE footprint, and ease in relocation. For CAVE Computer Aid Virtual Environment system design and SI, please contact alex@23magic.com.hk


Professor Chao Li, President of CCDL, Central China Display Laboratories, Ltd.   chaoli@ccdl.com.cn