System integretions SI

Studio and venue design

Special adanved imaging projects need

We have design and do system integrations for

  1. 3D Cinema

  2. Virtual filming studio

  3. Robotic camera system

  4. School Bus 3D Stereo shows in Hong Kogn and China

Project consultant for

  1. Macua Sands Casino

  2. Macau Venetian resorts

  3. Macau Galaxy Casino

Project engineer consultant for

  1. Hong Kong Art Centee Agnes b Cinema

  2. Expo 2010 Hong Kong Pavilian

  3. Expo 2010 China Theme Pavilion, Panorama film show, Better City Better Live

Location Cinema contractor and set up for

     1. Hong Kong SAR Government, 3D Cinema show at 8th Ministers summit in Hong Kong

     2. Hong Kong Filmart, Digital Cinema shows for 2013, 2014, 2015

     3. Siggraphic Asia 2012, 3D stereo Electronic Cinema shows and summit

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Filmart2015N_Theater03    Filmart2015N_Theater05